First things first, Brandelane isn’t just a brand, it’s the neighborhood you dreamt of last night and get to wake up to. The street every kid wants to live on. A summer party that you just can’t miss. It’s the night where anything is possible. 

Brandelane was conjured up by your girl, Brandi Monard, in the amusement park capital of the world, Orlando, FL.

Long-time theme park designer, illustrator, cuteness curator and Disney-fiend. Brandi wanted to capture the magic of the ‘happiest place on earth’ in uniquely joyous stationery and paper goods.

The picture-perfect products time-hop straight from 1950s and 60s Americana, where things weren’t always as they seemed. Brandelane celebrates the wide-eyed, transportive obsession of the times by coloring outside the lines while indulging in carnival rides and strong martinis.

The brand’s playfully nostalgic calendars, greeting cards, prints, bags and pins bring the retro-feels with some cheeky real-world refurbs.

Brandelane was created to combine a pre-loved aesthetic with modern embellishments. So, like old and new, we are always learning and would love for you to reach out to us for any way we can improve, comments, or even product suggestions.

Talk soon! xx